Card Condition Guide

This guide outlines our condition classifications for raw single cards. Most of the singles sold in our store are opened from booster packs & sealed product and immediately placed in sleeves or securely stored. Thus, the majority of the singles we sell are in Near Mint (NM) to Mint (M) condition (unless otherwise stated) excluding promo cards which may be Excellent or Slightly Played (EX/SP) out of the box. There are some cases where singles will be in worse condition due to the way they are packaged by the manufacturer.

Near Mint - Mint (NM/M)

These are pack fresh cards that show little to no wear from shuffling or play. These cards may have very small imperfections on edges but will be indistinguishable from a deck of unsleeved NM/M cards. Legal for tournament play when unsleeved.


Excellent or Slightly Played (EX/SP)

These cards may have light corner or edgewear from play as well as slight clouding or scratching on the card faces. Packaged promo cards may be in EX/SP condition coming straight from the box. Can be legal for tournament play when unsleeved.


Moderately Played (MP)

Moderately Played cards show obvious signs of wear from play. This can include obvious amounts of whitening on the borders and corners, scratches and scuffs and clouding on card faces. These cards are generally considered as marked and must be sleeved in order to be legal for tournament play.


Heavily Played (HP)

Heavily Played cards show extreme cases of wear & tear or even damage to the card. These cards may not be tournament legal, even when played within a sleeve. These cards may include severe scratches, creases, holes, tears, water damage, writing or ink on the cards. We generally do not sell cards that are Heavily Played, unless they are clearance stock, which will be sold as a sale item with the condition stated in the product description.


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